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About Us

About Us



Our Profile

Within a hard toil and committed excellence for a short Spain, “AIT” has achieved what had been longing by any dynamic trading company across manifold boundaries and geographic trade; as has been dreamt by the founder, “AIT” Mr. Obaidullah. We are at our best among competitors trying hard to meet the growing customers across the ever rising flux change in product, production and trend setting. Trading mobility and product market generic sales at diversified product shifting, when customers direly need as demand rapidly and instantly supplied as standard. Millions of dreams linked with need based commodities or accessories related to; where export matters for national economy and high quality imports generate a temptation country wide. This is where trading companies matter. We do not merely claim trust generic business transaction but ensure think win in wining this business trust through committed working and chain based creative team effort.



AIT must speculate significant global merchandise in business as the largest in service sector, working to win through noble servitude and by serving an increasing number of business classes across the globe.



Imply and deployment of all available sources to ensure safe, secured and guaranteed merchandise of trading expertise across main markets. Team work on our part and promotion based product growth on part of our business clients will be our strength as well as our watch – word cum business slogan.

Our Core Values

• Guaranteed affordable price schedule
• Total quality products
• Devotional dedication at services
• Diversified product range
• Proficient & expertise team
• Goal oriented with a futuristic vision

Product Quality Approach

At AIT, Quality, today, is not a sporadic affair to temporarily detain customer’s attention, but a sustained effort to rapidly grow in credit reputation. We strive for standard operating procedures to finish our products as pure as nature identical. At AIT we strive to address every endeavor with total professionalism and integrity.

AIT Believes and enriches every participant. We at Ait Adjust and adapt to the changing requirements of our customers and remain dedicated in our efforts to serve them to the best of our ability. If one were to seek out a single word that embodies the spirit of the company, then it is apparent right from the moment you step into the premises, in the numerous facets ingrained and Internalized into the company’s philosophy.

Our Expertise

AIT has experienced enthusiastic staffs that are well aware of the latest Import Export Policies which can facilitate you in following areas:

• Identify market potential for your category & products.
• Identify reliable exporters with marketing & distribution networking.
• Arrange buyers / sellers meeting and advise market trends & potential.
• Update & advise current Market Players & Competitors.
• Covering your product range across the market.
• Guide you with China Policies including pricing structure.
• Commissions to be decided mutually product to product

Dignitary Countries

• Saudi Arabia
• Malaysia
• Afghanistan
• U.A.E
• Central Asian Countries
• U.K
• France
• Spain